Ideas Bobert!

Ideas Bobert features tap dance, stop-motion animation and puppetry in a physical comedy that will have the entire family laughing!

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“Impossible to resist”- Montreal Gazette 

“That was the best show I’ve ever seen”- Stella Roberts age 6

Do you listen to the cogs that whir in your head, or the song of your heart that flutters in your chest? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, love-sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than he knew. From award winning creator Candy Roberts comes a whimsical brew of physical comedy and conundrum.  Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean, Ideas Bobert dances with the absurd.


Ideas Bobert is an interactive theatre show featuring tap dance, clown, stop-motion animation and puppetry.
Meet Bobert, a shy and curious fellow with a puppet-bird for a heart that lives in his chest. He is a silent character that expresses himself through music, tap dance and physical comedy. Throughout the show he involves the audience in exploring absurd solutions to his mundane problems, but only after he learns to care for and listen to his heart does he find a sense of peace.
Central themes to IDEAS BOBERT! are CONNECTION, Self Expression and CREATIVITY.
-how to bring an idea to form through creative, outside of the box thinking. 
-what are the many ways (besides but as well as talking) to express our feelings 
-listening to our hearts and what makes us feel connected and understood
-finding delight through our imagination

Tour Schedule:
Pacific Contact- Burnaby, 5 minute showcase April 2018
Uno Fest- Victoria BC,  May 2018

Show History Highlights:
-Artspring, Salt Spring Island- Presented by Graffiti Theatre
-New Orleans Puppet Festival- Presented by the Mudlark Theatre
-Waterfront Theatre, Winterruption Festival- Presented by the Granville Island Society
-St. Johns Private School
-Vancouver International Puppet Festival

-Victoria Fringe Festival

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