Event Entertainment

I love making shows!  I seem to be the happiest when working on a show, or some sort of creative concept.  Below, I have listed some of the characters that have been known to play through me.  Do you have an idea for a character that you would like to see come to life?  Talk to me!  curlypawscandice@gmail.com

For Full length shows see: Candy Bones and IDEAS BOBERT!  

The Myrtle Family Band:



Oh, those charming east Vancouver character’s playing old-timey porch music with a theatrical flare!~  Expect tap dancing, three part harmony, and occasionally a gorilla.


listen here: BANDCAMP




The Ladies In White:


Enchanting, Magical, Haunting and Hilarious! 


 The Ladies in White (who are sometimes men) are a feast for the eyes and spirit. They have been know to bring a fantastical flair and delightful ambiance to all sorts of events, including; parties, gala fundraisers, picnics, festivals and conferences. Elegantly sassy, innocent and silly the Ladies love to mingle and pose with you for a photo or two. Choose to engage, or simply enjoy their fancy antics from across the room.  Either way, the Ladies in White will help create an affair to remember.






 These magnificent puppets are over 10ft tall with a wing span of 10ft in either direction!  They are fabulous at leading processions, exploring festivals, and giving glorious trans-formative owl hugs.  They are the perfect combination of beautiful and macabre, and if you find them eerie, then you will probably be the one who loves them the most.

Send me a line if you wish to invite the owls to your party, or are interested in a community workshop in building your own giant puppet!

The CAN-Do’s



The Can-Do’s will not be missed!  We hand out chopsticks and invite you to cacophonously clang away on our tin-can skirts!  Children of all ages can (pun intended) delightfully jam along while we sing and ting the tangs!



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