candybonestheatre@gmail.com/ 604.771.1327

Candice Roberts is a Canadian performing artist. She was the 2014 recipient of the Mayor’s Arts Award for her work in community and the arts. She is Vancouver’s only tap-dance ukulele instructor and is the band leader of the critically acclaimed Myrtle Family Band. After 10 years plus of writing, producing and creating physical comedy with Jessie Award nominated Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, Candice is now the Artistic Director of Candy Bones Theatre, a platform for creating original theatre and community workshops. Candy Bones Theatre currently presents; IDEAS BOBERT: a multi-media physical comedy show, and CANDY BONES: a one woman sketch comedy!

Print her Curriculum Vitae-  CV- Candice Roberts (1)





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  1. Hahe – all the best people, in all the best places, with my Dear Mrs. Paula. ❤ Already a Sisterbelle.

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