Do you listen to the cogs that whir in your head, or to the song of your heart that flutters in your chest? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, Love-sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than he knew. From award winning creator Candy Roberts comes a one woman whimsical brew of physical comedy and conundrum. Ridiculous and preposterous! Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean, Ideas Bobert dances with the absurd.

Multi-Media Physical Comedy

Aug 25 – 6:00pm
Aug 28 – 4:00pm
Aug 30 – 7:45pm
Sept 2 – 6:00pm
Sept 3 – 9:45pm
Sept 4 – 1:00pm

#2-1609 Blanshard St (at Fisgard), Victoria, BC
Tickets can also be purchased over the phone at (250) 590-6291.

The Candy Show

the Candy Show

Well Gosh-Darn! I’m just thrilled! Thank you everyone for coming out and sharing your good cheer at the Candy Show! It was a success as far as I am concerned and couldn’t have done it with out you!

Special shout outs to Petunia, Meris, Raj, Nayana, Kat, Melissa, Chacha, Aja, Dots, Patrick, Michael and Heather!

It takes a community to make a one woman show!

Audience quotes;

“Candy Roberts is on talented lady; I haven’t laughed that much in a long time”

“Absolutely Brilliant”

“So clever and funny; loved every minute!”

“Candy Roberts is one of the geniuses. She makes good art. Like, REALLY good art!”

Check out these great photos by Brandon Schwinn





April 9th

@ the Dusty Flowershop 2050 Scotia st.

Doot-dee-do-Beep Beep…..

Introduuuuucing!…….a sketch/variety comedy show featuring some of the many characters inside Candy; with special guest appearances by: Nayana Fielkov, Kat Single-Dain plus musical interludes by the one and only: PETUNIA.

This is a fundraiser show to raise production costs for Candice’s solo show, which include paying artist collaborators and purchasing technical equipment!  Please do come, it will be a time!!

…..and having said that… Stay tuned for Candice’s upcoming Solo show:

Ideas Bobert!

Campbell River; Solstice Studios: August 5th 2016

Victoria Fringe Festival: August 24th-Sept.4th 2016


Myrtle Family Band….

News Flash: Glady’s baby did not come out during our Myrtle Family Band show with Petunia and the Vipers… maybe it will stay in there for one more show on NOV. 20th at the ACT Theatre in Maple Ridge!  Anyhoo.. we did have a great show.. and got a new family photo… here it is:

The Myrtle Family Clan
From left to right: DeeDee Myrtle, Edna Myrtle, Lester Myrtle, Gladys Myrtle, Bort Myrtle, Shirl Myrtle and Uncle Archie Myrtle!
Myrtle Sisters and Uncle Nigwack
Gladys Myrtle, Edna Myrtle, Uncle Nigwack Myrtle, and Shirl Myrtle!

The Myrtle Family Band with Petunia and the Vipers!


Get your tickets!!… This one is going to be sooo fun! And get this, Gladys is about to have a baby Myrtle.. so you might want to catch this before she becomes 2…. and you never know.. it might happen ON STAGE… amongst the three part harmony and the tap dancing!

Here is the poster:

PETUNIA NOV6-7-POSTER-Francis A Willey

If you haven’t seen Petunia and the Vipers.. then this is an opportunity to catch a real gem! Be prepared to dance the night away!

Scarlet Queen of Mercy!

Opening Night a Success! Tell all your friends!….

“Nathan Barrett and Candice Roberts show off their acting chops, managing a wonderful contrast in scenes when the camera is rolling and when it is not.  Roberts is particularly funny as she chews the scenery in the film as Stella, and becomes the somewhat ditzy ingénue Marla Dean in real-life.”-


(STEAMBOAT CALYPSO plays at the Country Jamboree)

What a privilege, that I can skip the winter in Canada to spend 3 months immersing myself in the music, dance and creative culture that is a part of New Orleans.  After the Fringe Festival and my beloved Myrtle Family flew home to Canada , I found a sweet little sublet in the lower ninth ward, where one might think they were living in the country.  This room belonged to the beautiful Sam Doores of the Deslondes, and I cannot imagine a better place for me to hunker down to sing, write and study guitar.  There were chickens in the yard, a handsome yodeling neighbor and the Mississippi river just over the grassy hill that is the levee.  In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, that river breached the levee, and this entire neighborhood was covered in water all the way up to rooftops of the houses.  Many people were stranded on their rooftops and I spent a lot of time fathoming that and all that occurred during and after the storm.  There is a Katrina Museum in the french quarter and a lot of information on-line, as well as a great documentary called Trouble the Water if you are interested in knowing and understanding the huge impact Katrina had on New Orleans and the people in it.

The level of musicianship in New Orleans is really high and very inspiring.  Folks playing music ALL of the TIME. Every night of the week has some sort of musical event and/or some sort of magical parade or something creative and interesting. From, Big band swing, country two-steppin’ and Cajun waltzes, I danced to Tuba Skinny, The Wasted Lives, The Johnny Hatchet Band, Steamboat Calypso, Witt’s End Brass band, The Loose Marbles, The Deslondes, The longtime Goners, The Best Western Swingers, Petunia (visiting from Vancouver) and the Snakies (amazing pick-up band).. and so so much more!

The Myrtle Family Band takes NEW ORLEANS!

Yes indeed…

“Putting the awww back in awkward!” Sequinned dance numbers! 3-part harmonies! Comedy! Magic!… But is everything as sparkly as it appears on stage? Catch a glimpse behind the curtain as the Myrtle Sister’s host their famous traveling show, featuring guest stars and members of their peculiar family…”

mfs myrtleshowEDIT1

We wrote a play and took it down south.  We were all there including Pearl Myrtle on Shadow Puppets, all except Dots Myrtle because she missed her plane, and then forgot to get on another one.  Our show was met with great success in the form of Glory if not gold.  We got rave reviews from all who could find the place, as it was a sort of adventure finding this PURIFICATION PLANT.  We sang and danced, and broke up, and took solo journey’s and then got back together again. The Nola Defender reviewed our show and said we had “natural chemistry”.  You can read about it HERE if you like.



If we are lost, then we are lost together…

It was a time for celebration and for ceremony…for reflection and for renewal. Everyone was invited to wear a costume, bring an instrument, make a dance, join a dance. The Parade of lost Souls is for you and by you, all the lost souls of the world. It beckons you to bring your past and your presence for a celebration of life, and of depth. We may all be lost, but at least we are lost together. Conceptualized and produced by the beloved Public Dreams Society for over twenty-five years, the Parade lives on under the artistic direction of Kat Single-Dain and its co-producer of the last four years, The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret.

This year, all my puppet friends came out to play and were graciously puppeteered by member’s of our wonderful community!  We created a fantastical world of art made from trash and recycled bits where we roamed and played with the thousands who came out for the parade.

You, were invited to bring it, and bring it you did.  Seriously…, neighbors came out in their full creativity.  There were masqueraded selves, beautiful lantern’s built and shared, rolling shrines honoring ancestors.  Workshops for performance opportunities such as the Sounders, the chance to learn Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance, and shrine making were full!  People threw down amazing installations their own volition and some brought their own performance pieces.  The veil between performer and witness was thin, which in my humble opinion made Parade of Lost Souls 2014 a complete success!

This amazing puppet was created by the most talented Charlie Rae, otherwise known as A RAVEN CALLED CROW.
This amazing puppet was created by the most talented Charlie Rae, otherwise known as A RAVEN CALLED CROW.